Scientists Demonstrate Laser-Powered Mind Control in Best Way Possible

Researchers call it the Fly Mind-Altering Device (aka "FlyMAD"), and to demonstrate the system's effectiveness, they've shown that firing a laser at the head of a fly can compel it to flirt, and attempt to copulate, with a ball of wax. (Come on. You know you want to watch this.) » 3/02/14 11:00am 3/02/14 11:00am

This alien-looking fish just rewrote the book on developmental genetics

If you were to suggest that members of Elasmobranchii — the subclass of cartilaginous fishes that includes sharks, rays, and skates — look incredibly different from us humans, I doubt that many people would argue the point. In fact, one look at the alien-like skeleton of Leucoraja erinacea, the species of skate… » 12/15/11 12:13pm 12/15/11 12:13pm

The truth about why things smell bad: Vibrating molecules

For over a century, our sense of smell has been explained with the "lock and key" hypothesis, which holds that each odor molecule has a particular shape that allows it to fit into particular smell receptors in the nose. But now a controversial study involving fruit flies suggests that hypothesis might miss the truth… » 2/15/11 5:00pm 2/15/11 5:00pm

When fruit flies attack, it's usually about sex

With just a little genetic tinkering, it's possible to make a male fruit fly attack the female he just mated with, and then court a male. It turns out that changing a fly's sexual orientation also changes whom he'll attack. » 11/23/10 4:28pm 11/23/10 4:28pm