If I Die In The Robot Uprising, Let It Be By A Katana-Wielding Robot

You could arm your robots with boring old firearms, or you could train your robots to FIGHT WITH KATANAS. If the robot uprising happens, at least we'll be able to admire their precise swordplay ballet before they run us through. » 11/15/14 10:00am 11/15/14 10:00am

Abraham Lincoln once nearly dueled a rival with a broadsword

Abraham Lincoln was a man famous for using his words, but in one situation he came very close to physical — and potentially deadly — blows. When Lincoln was challenged to a duel with a political rival in 1842, the future president was honor-bound to accept. But he thought his best chance for survival was to duel with… » 9/22/12 2:00pm 9/22/12 2:00pm

Read a sneak preview of the comic adaptation of the crazy trucker tale …

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, here's an exclusive sneak peek of the next issue of Road Rage, the comic book adaptation of Richard Matheson's highway thriller Duel. This issue hits stores this Wednesday, April 25. Here's the plot synopsis: » 4/23/12 6:30pm 4/23/12 6:30pm