Bronn Gives Shae Unfortunate Advice In A Game Of Thrones Deleted Scene

Shae goes through a pretty drastic change of heart in the middle of Game of Thrones season four, and we only glimpse the reasons for it. But here's a deleted scene from the second episode of the season, where Bronn gives Shae some advice that doesn't work out that well for her... or for Tyrion. Some spoilers below... » 2/09/15 4:00pm 2/09/15 4:00pm

How Predestination Made Jumping Through Time Look So Damn Good

Predestination was a cool-looking, psychologically complex movie about time travel and shifting identities. And one of the best things about this film is how it dramatizes the toll that traveling through time takes on people. Here's an exclusive clip from the Blu-ray special features that shows how they did it. » 2/09/15 10:53am 2/09/15 10:53am

The Best Last-Minute Geeky Gifts That You Can Get For Under $10

It's December 18? How did that happen? If the holidays got away from you this year — and you're feeling the pinch of the most wonderful … and freakin' expensive ... time of the year — we've got you covered in the last-minute affordable gift department. Here are the best last-minute gifts for under a ten-spot.
» 12/18/14 11:22am 12/18/14 11:22am

Watch all those new Star Trek Into Darkness deleted scenes here

Those Star Trek Into Darkness deleted scenes that were removed from the DVD/Blu-ray release in order to make you buy a second better (or decent) Collector's Edition release later are now available for your perusal. They fill more than a few of STiD's plotholes, including why Carol Marcus is suddenly British. » 3/04/14 8:20am 3/04/14 8:20am

Quite Possibly the Most Important Moment in the History of Doctor Who

The Doctor has had many epic moments in the 50 years that Doctor Who has been on the air. But this moment featuring Patrick Troughton isn't just one of the most epic, but possibly the most important of all. This is the moment where the Doctor announces his mission to battle evil for the first time. » 2/21/14 4:55pm 2/21/14 4:55pm

The Ultimate Motherlode of DVD Box Sets for the Holidays

All your friends have Netflix. We can all access a wealth of movies any time we want. But DVD box sets can still make fantastic gifts, if they're cool-looking enough, and contain stuff your loved ones will watch over and over. Here are the most beautiful (and cheapest) DVD box sets to give to your friends and family. » 11/21/13 12:26pm 11/21/13 12:26pm

Exclusive Trailer for the Newly Found Doctor Who Story, "Web of Fear"

Feast your eyes on long-unseen footage from the classic Doctor Who story, "The Web of Fear" — the first appearance of the Doctor's longtime friend Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. This story is going up for sale at iTunes in its entirety, and we're thrilled to premiere the trailer exclusively at io9. » 10/10/13 4:07pm 10/10/13 4:07pm

Weird Facts You Never Knew About H.G. Wells' Movie, Things to Come

Did you know the Criterion Collection had recently come out with a deluxe DVD/Blu-ray release of Things to Come, H.G. Wells' 1936 movie? It includes a restored print that's way better than any previous release, plus unused special effects footage. And the Criterion site includes some astonishing facts about Things to… » 8/09/13 4:00pm 8/09/13 4:00pm

Spend Some Quality Time With The Manliest Version of Doctor Who

Is Matt Smith's Doctor a black belt at every martial art in the universe? Did David Tennant's best mate have an epic mustache? How many car chases did Eccleston have? Jon Pertwee may or may not have been the best star of Doctor Who, but he was clearly the manliest. And some new DVDs will let you get to know him way… » 6/21/13 3:55pm 6/21/13 3:55pm

8 Special Features We Desperately Want in DVDs for Science Shows

It’s rare to pick up any deluxe Blu-ray set without getting the kinds of viewing options that would make for 17 different movies. Everything from deleted scenes to commentary tracks are available, and yet science programs are fairly barren when it comes to special features. This is a shame, because I know of a few… » 5/27/13 10:00am 5/27/13 10:00am

Still confused by Cloud Atlas? Infographic & featurettes break it down

There's an awful lot going on in Cloud Atlas, the time-spanning, super-ambitious movie that's out on DVD and Blu-ray today. Six time periods, tons of characters, the same actors playing different characters, all cutting back and forth. So here's a super handy chart and some featurettes from the DVD, to explain it to… » 5/14/13 11:03am 5/14/13 11:03am

9+ Cartoons, TV Shows and Movies that Infuriatingly Aren’t on DVD Yet

It seems like everything is available on DVD. I mean, when Bill Cosby's Leonard Part 6 has an official DVD release, it can be hard imagine that anything has failed to make the jump. But that wouldn't be true. There are scores of movies, TV series and cartoon - or, as is often the case, parts of TV shows and cartoons… » 11/29/12 10:45am 11/29/12 10:45am

Science Fiction and Fantasy DVD Sets That Make Amazing Gifts

Everyone you know is hard to shop for. That's because everybody's hard to shop for, period. Finding the right present for all the humans in your life can be nearly impossible, without telepathy. And that's why God made DVD box sets. Almost everybody has a DVD player, and would like to catch up on a TV show they… » 11/19/12 2:13pm 11/19/12 2:13pm

Come and watch one of Jon Pertwee's finest Doctor Who stories with us!

If you're in San Francisco on Saturday, you absolutely must come to the inaugural classic Doctor Who screening, the first of many. We've teamed up with BBC Home Entertainment and the folks from SF in SF to bring you monthly screenings of Doctor Who stories in downtown SF. This is something that's already been… » 11/19/12 12:35pm 11/19/12 12:35pm