The short film "Exist" proves that aliens don't need to be flashy to be scary

The short film Exist was lodged in our brains ever since we saw the first trailer. Now that it's out, we're thankful that — like the poster — the actual movie kept it free of crappy CG aliens and stunts. It relies on the simple horror of the act of an abduction and gave us chills! Plus, take a look at a new Dylan Dog »2/13/11 10:30pm2/13/11 10:30pm

Taye Diggs Gets Fanged As The Leader Of Dylan Dog's Vampires

Dead Of Night, the live-action movie adaptation of the supernatural comic book Dylan Dog, has its brooding bad boy. According to Shock Till You Drop, Taye Diggs will be starring opposite Brandon Routh, the nightmare investigator, as the leader of the town's gang of vamps. Also the lovely Anita Briem will be playing… »3/25/09 12:30pm3/25/09 12:30pm