Sorry, Alien Hunters: No Signs of Life From KIC 8462852

A few weeks back, the humans of planet Earth worked themselves into a frenzy over the possibility that the Kepler space telescope had discovered an alien megastructure. Since then, the astronomers behind the hubbub have had their heads down, hunting for the technobabble that might lend credence to the wild theory. »11/06/15 2:15pm11/06/15 2:15pm


How to build a Dyson sphere in five (relatively) easy steps

We are closer to being able to build a Dyson Sphere than we think. By enveloping the sun in a massive sphere of artificial habitats and solar panels, a Dyson Sphere would provide us with more energy than we would ever know what to do with while dramatically increasing our living space. Implausible you say? Something… »4/17/12 2:00pm4/17/12 2:00pm