What would it take for grownups to love dystopian fiction as much as…

Our teens are living in horrible oppressive conditions — in their imaginations, at least. Dystopian fiction, which has never been more than a minor sub-genre in the past, has become a runaway success in young-adult publishing. » 2/22/11 1:22pm 2/22/11 1:22pm

Watch the book trailer for the next dystopian YA sensation, Matched

Now that the Hunger Games trilogy is over, what's the next dystopian saga for teens (and loads of adults) to sink into? One title that's being mentioned is Ally Condie's Matched. Here's your exclusive first look at the book trailer. » 10/20/10 7:30am 10/20/10 7:30am

Bestselling Arabic dystopian novel finally coming out in English

The Arab world's most prolific and best-selling science fiction author, Ahmed Khaled Taufiq, will finally appear in English, thanks to Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing. In autumn 2011, we'll get an English version of Taufiq's novel Utopia, which isn't really utopian. » 7/12/10 5:08pm 7/12/10 5:08pm

Two fascinating discussions about the nature of dystopia from…

Now that young-adult fiction is where most of great dystopian stories are being told, there are two awesome discussions going on. Kaitlin Ward asks what's the difference between dystopian and apocalyptic fiction. And Angie Smibert wonders where the utopias are. » 6/11/10 4:00pm 6/11/10 4:00pm

If someone chains you up and asks you whether you believe in God — say…

Cube Zero, the prequel to Vincenzo Natali's Cube, is surprisingly great. And the best bit is this scene where one of the inmates reaches the "Exit." And faces the ultimate question: Do you believe in God? » 6/10/10 6:00pm 6/10/10 6:00pm

Octavia Butler's dystopias are more believable than Orwell's or Huxley's

"I have trouble believing in a government efficient enough to keep track of us all in the way that the government in Orwell's novel was able to do. » 6/07/10 9:30am 6/07/10 9:30am

How to make your setting a character in your dystopian novel

Science fiction writers and literary agents have been blogging the past few days about how to make your setting come alive. And young-adult author Beth Revis explains why this is doubly important in a novel about a future dystopia. » 6/01/10 10:23am 6/01/10 10:23am

Incarceron Is The Hunger Games In The City Of Ember

The latest young-adult reading sensation, Incarceron, feels like a mash-up of a few of the genre's best-known books. Luckily, the book does have a supremely clever central conceit, which grows on you as you read it. Spoilers ahead... » 3/25/10 4:30pm 3/25/10 4:30pm

Dystopian Science Fiction Is Aiming For The Twilight Generation

What comes after vampire teen lit? Dystopia. A pair of authors have just made deals with mainstream publishers for young adult novels about dark, romantic futures. Apparently, after the apocalypse, there will be no chocolate, nor women over 20. » 3/25/10 9:00am 3/25/10 9:00am

6 Things The New "Prisoner" Changed For The Worse

The Prisoner used its premise of a spy trapped in an idyllic, but oppressive, village to ask questions about individuality in a conformist, overly processed society. Here are six ways last night's remake throws away that rich premise. Spoilers below... » 11/16/09 4:00pm 11/16/09 4:00pm

John Joseph Adams Sees Your Dystopian Future, Starts A Magazine

John Joseph Adams has put out some of the most entertaining themed anthologies in the past few years, taking in zombies, vampires and interstellar civilizations. Now he's putting out an anthology of dystopian fiction, and starting an online fiction magazine. » 10/19/09 2:11pm 10/19/09 2:11pm

Doctorow's Little Brother Shows The Genesis Of Dystopia

Young-adult authors have conquered science fiction with a mixture of angst, romance, and the discovery that adults are wrong. But Cory Doctorow's Hugo/Nebula-nominated Little Brother puts a geeky, subversive spin on that formula. Spoilers! » 4/23/09 3:31pm 4/23/09 3:31pm

Everybody's Broken In The Dollhouse

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse is not a playful space — it's a shattered dungeon where everybody's ruled by id. Dolls and dollmakers alike, everybody's a lightning flash away from revealing their ugly reptilian brains. Spoilers ahead. » 4/13/09 4:03pm 4/13/09 4:03pm

Handmaid's Tale Too Politically Incorrect For Canadian Schools?

Margaret Atwood's seminal dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale has been called many things before — but sexist? That's what one Toronto parent is claiming in his quest to get it out of schools. » 1/16/09 1:30pm 1/16/09 1:30pm