A portrait of Steve Jobs made entirely out of e-waste

It seems fitting that the man whose company produced tons of e-waste should be immortalized in this way. San Francisco collage artist Jason Mecier built this incredible portrait of Apple founder Steve Jobs out of 20 pounds of discarded phones, memory sticks, boards, and more. » 2/18/14 10:20am 2/18/14 10:20am

There's $21 billion hiding in our junk computers and electronics

There's gold in them thar circuits! And silver. And palladium, copper, tin, and more. In fact, according to a report from the United Nations University, there's some $21 billion in precious metals in every year of our current e-waste, of which only 15% is being recovered. » 7/13/12 2:30pm 7/13/12 2:30pm

How to mine for gold in your television set and computer keyboard

Where do your computer, iPhone, and television go when they die? Mostly they end up in dumps. Now, people in North America, India, and Europe are harvesting these trashed electronic parts to recover the precious metals within. Though gold is often what they seek, lead and copper are valuable in large quantities too.… » 3/21/12 3:19pm 3/21/12 3:19pm