India's Terminator/Spider-Man/Matrix/Avatar mash-up isn't afraid to get…

For many of us, one of the year's most anticipated science fiction films is Endhiran/Robot, the Indian movie about a scientist (Rajnikanth) who creates a robot, which becomes a little too human. The first reviews are in. Spoilers ahead. » 10/01/10 7:30am 10/01/10 7:30am

Early Never Let Me Go reviews: It's powerful, but maybe a bit dull

Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go is one of the most acclaimed novels of the past decade. But how does the new movie hold up? Early reviews are divided, some praising the film's subtlety, others calling it soulless and boring. » 9/13/10 6:20am 9/13/10 6:20am