Want to know which DC Comics superhero is coming out of the closet?

As you may have read previously, a stalwart DC Comics superhero will soon be reintroduced as a gay character. Rumors about this particular superhero's identity have been a-swirling over the last week, and now io9 has the details directly from the author who's penning this new origin. Some spoilers ahead. » 6/01/12 7:00am 6/01/12 7:00am

Kepler Telescope discovers 1200 new worlds...and at least five…

In fifteen years, astronomers have detected just over 500 planets orbiting other stars. Now, after less than two years in orbit, the Kepler telescope has more than tripled that figure, discovering more than 1,200 possible new worlds. Even better, at least 54 of them are in their star's habitable zone, and five of… » 2/03/11 10:45am 2/03/11 10:45am

This Week's Comics Are All Choppers And Blogging Hookers

Even though the entire industry spent the last week sunning themselves (and by "sunning themselves," I mean, "slowly roasting themselves in large windowless rooms talking to nerds like me"), your local comic book store will still find itself with a full selection of brand new books tomorrow as regular as clockwork.… » 7/29/08 9:00am 7/29/08 9:00am

Find Out Much More About Batman Than You Should Ever Know

Click to viewCan't be bothered to read our Top 10 Batman Books but still fancy pretending to be a Batman expert? Want to know the secret behind Batman RIP? Wonder what the difference is between the original murder of Bruce Wayne's parents and the current version? What is the origin of the Joker? All you need to answer… » 7/06/08 8:00am 7/06/08 8:00am

Almost Earth 2: Small Rocky Planet is Closest Yet

Okay, so it's not G889 that humans colonized in the TV series, but it's the closest astronomers have found yet. Weighing in at around 5 Earth masses and 1.5 times Earthly diameter, GJ 436c (which orbits the star GJ 436) is the smallest rocky exoplanet ever discovered. It still has many of the wonky traits of other… » 4/10/08 9:30am 4/10/08 9:30am