Japanese Tsunami Is A Reminder To Prepare In the Pacific Northwest

In 2011, a massive earthquake hit Tōhoku, triggering a tsunami that devastated coastal Japan and surged across the ocean. The triple-plate tectonic junction that spawned the disaster has a mirror image across the Pacific Ocean, a nasty intersection of looming catastrophe in the Pacific Northwest. » 3/12/15 5:32am 3/12/15 5:32am

Dear California: You Can't Get The Largest Earthquakes In The World

I love disaster movies. I even love cheesy disaster movies, ones where the speed of cold is a thing, and violent volcanoes pop up in the middle of a continental plate. I'll be watching San Andreas when it comes out next spring. I just expect to be entirely befuddled by its earthquakes. » 12/10/14 11:12am 12/10/14 11:12am