Ask A Geophysicist Anything You Want About Earthquakes

What will happen to the island created by the earthquake last week? How accurate are earthquake portrayals in pop culture? What should you do to prepare for an earthquake? Today, we have an expert here to answer your questions about the inner workings and effects of earthquakes. » 10/01/13 10:30am 10/01/13 10:30am

Oklahoma’s strongest earthquake has been linked to the oil industry

A new study in the journal Geology is linking Oklahoma’s November 6th, 2011, earthquake to the injection of wastewater deep underground — water that’s used both in fracking and the extraction of petroleum from conventional oil wells. The 5.6 magnitude quake, the most significant to ever hit the region, injured two… » 3/28/13 6:20am 3/28/13 6:20am

Monday's 4.7 earthquake in L.A. was predicted by SCIENCE!

To be fair, the tiny trembler wasn't forecast by a huge expanse of time, but seismologists were alerted to it nonetheless. By planting hundreds of sensors around fault zones in California, researchers at CalTech were literally given 30 seconds to anticipate the quake. And when it actually shook their lab, it marked the … » 3/14/13 2:40pm 3/14/13 2:40pm

Earthquakes could kill upwards of 3.5 million people this century

This is the kind of statistic we would expect to see decrease over the coming years. But as the number of humans continues to climb, and as these populations increasingly concentrate themselves in tightly packed urban areas, earthquake fatalities could reach 3.5 million by the end of this century. This is the… » 2/25/13 1:20pm 2/25/13 1:20pm

Watch how the ground really moves during an earthquake

Back in 2011, geologists working for Signal Hill Petroleum and NodalSeismic conducted an extremely detailed survey to measure the 3D rock structure beneath their Long Beach oilfield. To do so, they deployed a series of seismic arrays consisting of 5,300 nodes spaced about 330 feet (100 meters) apart. And then the… » 12/19/12 7:40am 12/19/12 7:40am

The Most Accurate Map Yet of Our Planet's Most Powerful Earthquake Zones

Geologists know that the most devastating earthquakes happen along subduction zones — those areas where tectonic plates slide beneath another. Less known, however, is where exactly along these danger zones an earthquake is likely to occur. But as new research from the University of Sydney suggests, scarred regions… » 12/06/12 11:54am 12/06/12 11:54am

'Perfect storm' of geological factors make the Eastern U.S. more…

As if the folks out on America's east coast don't already have enough to worry about after the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy, it now looks like last year's magnitude-5.8 earthquake in Virginia was no anomaly. According to a report presented this week at the Geological Society of America's annual meeting, the highly… » 11/08/12 10:27am 11/08/12 10:27am