Hong Kong eBay leaks give a closer look at Marvel's GOTG figures

Ah, leaked toys on eBay, fresh from the factories who made them. It's almost inevitable these days! Amazon gave us an early look at the Guardians publicity pictures, but now we have an even better close up look at the final toys out of packaging - including, for the first time, Groot! » 5/09/14 5:00pm 5/09/14 5:00pm

We all missed the greatest eBay auction of all time

This honor goes to "Mummified Cat Slam Dunking A Mummified Bird," which up until recently was for sale for a discount $750 buy-it-now price (via Geekologie). Because if there's anything that distinguishes you as an individual of taste and distinction, it's a barf-out effigy of Bastet schooling Horus on the basketball… » 9/27/12 11:30am 9/27/12 11:30am

eBay bans the sale of all magic, including potions, hexes, and curses

Online savvy sorcerers, you're out of luck. Online auction giant eBay has recently exiled magical wares from their site. No longer will you be able to purchase Haunted Money Spells or a curse for your incredibly loud neighbor who smokes skunk weed while jamming out to Pink at 3:38 AM. According to the official eBay's… » 8/16/12 9:10am 8/16/12 9:10am

Star Trek Premiere Tickets Sell For Too Much Money

How desperate are you to be at next summer's premiere of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek reboot? Thousands of dollars worth of desperate? Then perhaps you were one of the people who placed bids on a special charity auction for 2 tickets to next year's Hollywood premiere on eBay this weekend . . . » 5/12/08 10:20am 5/12/08 10:20am

The winner of the auction -…

Ride Around In Your Own Criminal-Built Dalek

The Australian government might have come up with the most brilliant prison plan ever: use hardened criminals to churn out replicas of science fiction props, and then sell them on eBay. Sadly, they aren't using the money to fund the development of robot prison guards — all proceeds are going to charity. The fools. Why… » 2/01/08 2:02pm 2/01/08 2:02pm

She Wanted Her Flying Car, and She Got It . . . for $131,700

eBay member Prattesgirl has a feedback score of 29, and 100% positive feedback. Apparently those are the qualities, along with $131,700, that allowed her to buy the last Sky Commuter prototype test aircraft in existence yesterday after 82 nail-biting bids. If $131,000 seems a little pricey for this retro-futuristic… » 1/15/08 7:00am 1/15/08 7:00am