Quite possibly the most ridiculous Tales from the Crypt story you'll…

October is here, and our minds are turning towards horror comics, particularly old-school titles like Tales from the Crypt. Here's one of TFTC's most absurd tales. It's about two lovers at Mardi Gras, one of whom has a dark secret. » 10/05/10 10:31am 10/05/10 10:31am

Some Free Comics You Should Nab While You Can

Sure, so this Wednesday was kind of a weak one for comics, but that's because everyone was saving the awesome up for tomorrow. What's so special about tomorrow, you may ask yourself (beside it being Saturday, and therefore requiring no work for the majority of you)? Well, it's Free Comic Book Day 2008, where stores… » 5/02/08 7:00am 5/02/08 7:00am