The Pakistani flooding as seen from space: an explosion of water

You've probably seen the horrifying pictures of the 20 million victims of Pakistan's unprecedented flooding of the Indus River. But this false-color image from NASA's Terra satellite really drives home the extent of the devastation wrought by rising water levels. » 8/20/10 4:36pm 8/20/10 4:36pm

10 Scariest Eco-Catastrophes from Early Science Fiction

These days, SF thrillers in which natural disasters end human life as we know it are mainstream fare. But long before M. Night Shyamalan and J.G. Ballard flirted with disaster, the authors of SF's Pre-Golden Age (1904-33) speculated wildly, and sometimes presciently, about the possible causes of dire biospheric… » 5/26/09 2:46pm 5/26/09 2:46pm