If bees go extinct, this is what your supermarket will look like

Over the past decade, bee populations have been dropping, partly as a result of a disease called colony collapse disorder. This is very bad news for humans, because bees are a crucial part of the reproductive cycle of many of our favorite foods, including apples, onions, avocados, and more. This incredible data… » 6/15/13 2:10pm 6/15/13 2:10pm

Ten Things Bacteria Can Do That You Can't

We humans like to think we're pretty great. We have things like the Mona Lisa, and the Large Hadron Collider, and The Kind of Chocolate Sauce That Turns Solid When You Put It On Ice Cream. Still, it turns out that if aliens were to visit planet Earth and kidnap the dominant species, they'd go for bacteria over us any… » 2/11/11 10:11am 2/11/11 10:11am