Activity at Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador

Friday evening, the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador briefly spewed up a 10-kilometer column of ash. The initial eruption was over as quickly as it started, settling down after the 5-minute burst of activity that spilled pyroclastic material onto the volcano's flanks. » 4/05/14 6:44pm 4/05/14 6:44pm

In Ecuador, insane giant sculptures of The Hulk and Hellboy invade on…

For New Year's Eve in Ecuador, massive paper-and-wood figures known as "años viejos" (Spanish for "old years") are burnt to usher out the past 365 days. These elaborate sculptures depict everyone from Chucky the evil doll to Cable from the X-Men, who are all summarily incinerated as the clock runs down. » 12/28/11 8:50pm 12/28/11 8:50pm