The Robocop Reboot's ED-209 Is Now An Excellent Figure

ThreeZero are continuing their line of figures based on this year's Robocop reboot, and the Robocop 2.0 design will soon be joined by the shiny new ED-209 from the movie. Regardless of how you felt about Robocop, hooray for pretty robot toys! » 12/25/14 8:06pm 12/25/14 8:06pm

Who wants to see Rocky box ED-209?

In Peter Serafinowicz's video for Alex Metric & Steve Angello's "Open Your Eyes," a man (who looks like Philadelphia's most famous boxer) squares off against a machine (who looks like Detroit's favorite killbot). Spoiler alert: it doesn't go well. » 4/09/11 9:00am 4/09/11 9:00am

A cybernetic cross-section of Robocop (and his pal ED-209)

These illustrations of Robocop are from a Japanese magazine that detailed the inner workings of Detroit's finest cybernetic police officer. They even showcased the schematics of the former Alex Murphy's robotic nemesis ED-209! Ogle the heavy metal. » 9/22/10 10:45am 9/22/10 10:45am

Why have a wheelchair when you could have ED-209?

This fuRo Core personal transport from the Chiba Institute of Technology is 6'6″ and 507 lbs. Core developer Takayuki Furuta suffered from spinal cord disease when he was younger and was inspired by Astro Boy to study robotics. » 9/20/10 10:10am 9/20/10 10:10am