Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to make psychic crime story Sleeper

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are getting back together to adapt a comic book centered around a man who can absorb and pass along pain and his job as a sleeper agent hidden in a massive system of organized crime. It's a little noir with a whole lotta violence, titled Sleeper. » 11/22/13 8:30am 11/22/13 8:30am

Is now the time for a Gotham Central TV show, at long last?

When people talk about the ideal comic-book television show, the name "Gotham Central" always comes up. The story of cops solving cases in Batman's shadow captured people's imaginations — and co-creator Ed Brubaker thinks a TV show is a serious possibility, if the somewhat similar Agents of SHIELD does well. » 9/23/13 10:40am 9/23/13 10:40am

In this week's comics, Wolverine engages in psychic warfare and Ed…

Happy 2012, comic shop patrons! This Wednesday, there's a bunch of promising new reading material on the stands awaiting your eager eyeballs. And no, the "gangster horror" in the headline has nothing to do with Ice-T smoking a joint with Warwick Davis. » 1/03/12 9:05am 1/03/12 9:05am

What's next for Marvel Comics' Winter Soldier? Author Ed Brubaker gives…

During Marvel Comics' recent Fear Itself story arc, one of the big left-field shockers was the death of Captain America, a.k.a. Steve Rogers' former sidekick James "Bucky" Barnes. However — as readers of Fear Itself #7.1 learned yesterday — Bucky's story isn't quite over. Spoilers on. » 11/03/11 2:20pm 11/03/11 2:20pm

Marvel Comics' top writers reveal the superheroes' next big challenge…

This summer, Marvel's been putting its superheroes through the wringer in Fear Itself, a miniseries in which a nefarious Asgardian god called The Serpent has a bone to pick with Odin. » 8/22/11 12:50pm 8/22/11 12:50pm

New comics pit Ed Brubaker's Incognito against Death and Lex Luthor

The media may be in a tizzy about Clark Kent's swank new duds in Superman: Earth One, but there are many reasons to get excited this Wednesday. Death debuts in Action Comics and Ed Brubaker's Incognito is back! » 10/26/10 9:35am 10/26/10 9:35am

The 2010 Eisner Award winners include Ed Brubaker, Batwoman illustrator…

The 2010 Eisner Award Winners were announced last night at the at the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego. The list of winners includes Captain America writer Ed Brubaker, The Walking Dead, Scott Pilgrim, and Image Comics' food detective series Chew. » 7/24/10 1:28pm 7/24/10 1:28pm

Enter the Secret Avengers (as opposed to the Public Avengers)!

What's got us most excited about Marvel's new Heroic Age status quo? Ed Brubaker's Secret Avengers. With an oddball cast of espionage experts and military masterminds, this title looks to give Marvel's flagship superteam a pulpy twist. » 5/25/10 9:00am 5/25/10 9:00am

A Movie About the Supervillain Witness Protection Program? Yes, Please.

Incognito, the noir-flavored Marvel comic from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, is heading to Fox. Will this real-worldish, superpowered flick fare better than the latest round of comic book movies? » 4/30/10 12:00pm 4/30/10 12:00pm

Ed Brubaker Talks Secret Avengers, Receiving Death Threats For Writing…

io9 recently chatted with the incomparable Ed Brubaker about his upcoming run on Secret Avengers, the status of the Sleeper movie, and yes, the yahoos who got way too riled up about a Captain America comic. » 4/24/10 1:45pm 4/24/10 1:45pm

Why Captain America Hates America, Apparently

First he pretends to kill Captain America, and now Marvel Comics writer Ed Brubaker has found himself being attacked by Fox News. How many signs do we need to know that this man clearly hates the United States? » 2/12/10 6:30am 2/12/10 6:30am

Supervillains Vs. Bastards, In Sick, Twisted "Incognito"

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, the creative team behind Criminal and Sleeper, have done it again. The newly collected miniseries Incognito, released this week by Marvel's Icon imprint, is a brutal exploration of the thin line between villainy and anti-villainy. » 11/27/09 7:30am 11/27/09 7:30am

Is This The Secret Behind Captain America's Rebirth?

With Captain America: Reborn due in comic stores on Wednesday, we ask: Have Marvel Comics kept the secret to the star-spangled Avenger's resurrection in plain sight all along? We look at our suspecting method of resurrection. Potential-spoilery speculation ahead. » 6/28/09 12:00pm 6/28/09 12:00pm

Sleeper Offers Classic Noir Pessimism

Now that it's being turned into a movie for Tom Cruise, DC Comics have issued a new edition of forgotten superhero classic Sleeper. But how does it hold up, seven years later? Plus, an exclusive Q&A with writer Ed Brubaker. » 6/17/09 3:30pm 6/17/09 3:30pm

Is Captain America Coming Back To Life?

Marvel have just announced their comics coming out in July, including mysterious new series Reborn, written by Captain America writer Ed Brubaker. Does this mean that Steve Rogers is headed back to this mortal coil? » 4/21/09 10:00am 4/21/09 10:00am

Abandon Your Resolutions And Enter The Morally-Grey Pulp World Of…

Looking for something that breaks out of the straight-and-narrow of everyday life and into something a little more... evil? Then perhaps you'd be interested in Incognito, a new comic about the darker things in life. » 1/05/09 7:30am 1/05/09 7:30am

Undercover Agent With An Alien Implant = Good Times

Sam Raimi's producing what could be the best comic-book adaptation coming down the pike right now: the movie version » 10/16/08 1:32pm 10/16/08 1:32pm of , a 12-issue series written by Ed Brubaker. is a dizzying noirish spy story about an undercover agent fused with an alien artifact that gives him superpowers, but doesn't help him resolve his…

Stormtroopers And Movie Stars Brighten Eisner Awards

They've been called the comic industry's version of the Oscars, and this year's Eisner Awards definitely did their best to live up to the comparison, offering those that attended emotional acceptance speeches, awkward celebrity appearances, meandering speeches and even sad memorials to recently-departed industry… » 7/26/08 10:00am 7/26/08 10:00am

San Francisco Is America's New Superhero Playground

San Francisco has a long and proud history of being on the forefront of popular culture - consider the Beats, the Hippies, and Web 2.0! Wait, ignore that last one. But now the City By The Bay has a new group to call its own: the Mutants. Both this week's Uncanny X-Men and No Hero comics feature a new wave of… » 6/25/08 10:39am 6/25/08 10:39am