Hulk Not So Incredible When Faced With Puny Box Office

Click to viewApparently, the Hulk can't help but get smashed at the box office, according to a recent Reuters story. Five years after Ang Lee's psychoanalytic take on the Jade Giant, Ed Norton's remake of The Incredible Hulk is set to be just as (un)successful as its predecessor, dooming the character to guest-spots… »7/10/08 10:30am7/10/08 10:30am

'Incredible Hulk' Smashes All Expectations To Become Highlight of Comic-Con

If you were like me, and hated Ang Lee's take on The Incredible Hulk with the burning hatred of a thousand radioactive test-sites, you'd be thrilled to attend the New York Comic Con's Hulk event because it promised something completely different. If you were like me, your brain would have exploded at the results.… »4/20/08 3:34pm4/20/08 3:34pm