Bizarre illustrations prove that penis-headed aliens never go out of style

In the early 1950s, illustrator Edd Cartier provided a batch of weird, colorful drawings to accompany the text in an anthology called Visitors of Space. And somehow he managed to produce a set of aliens who look so much like genitals that I did a double take. I'm not sure if his penis-headed and vadge-mouthed… »3/01/11 11:00am3/01/11 11:00am


Visit an Alien Zoo with Edd Cartier’s Illustrations

Pulp artist Edd Cartier illustrated dozens of novels and magazine covers. But his most unusual work may come from Travelers of Space »11/11/08 5:07pm11/11/08 5:07pm, a 1951 anthology of short science fiction. In addition to illustrating the book’s cover, Cartier collaborated with writer David Kyle on “The Interstellar Zoo,” creating a menagerie of…