A review of a midnight show of A Thousand Words, that shitty Eddie…

Back in July 2008, I remember reading the movie listings for Philadelphia-area movie theaters. There's absolutely no reason this memory should be emblazoned in my mind, save for one strange fact — multiple theaters in the greater Bucks-Montgomery County nexus were holding opening night 12:01 AM showings of Meet Dave,… » 3/09/12 9:45am 3/09/12 9:45am

Eddie Murphy's new alien abduction comedy can't be worse than Pluto Nash

Having sworn off family-friendly comedies for now, Eddie Murphy has returned to making terrible science fiction movies instead. His next project: an alien abduction side-slapper. » 11/01/11 9:46am 11/01/11 9:46am

The Eddie Murphy/Ben Stiller Comedy That Could Change the Future of…

Chances are you haven't been paying much attention to Tower Heist, the upcoming comedy film starring Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller. But this movie could be the turning point in the transformation of movies. As we wrote back in February, Hollywood is moving towards getting more of its revenue from video on demand (VOD)… » 10/12/11 8:30am 10/12/11 8:30am

SNL screens the missing Back To The Future audition tapes, including Al…

Watch the "never-before-seen" Back To The Future audition tapes, featuring Al Pacino, Eddie Murphy, Prince, Robin Williams, Pee Wee and more. But beware: world's scariest, most spot-on Alan Alda impression ahead... » 11/01/10 8:00am 11/01/10 8:00am

Eddie Murphy Really Isn't The Riddler, Honest

No sooner has the Sun's reporter claimed that Eddie Murphy really, honestly will star in the sequel to The Dark Knight than someone else has appeared to call shenanigans. That person's name? Eddie Murphy. » 12/26/08 1:15pm 12/26/08 1:15pm

Get Used To Eddie Murphy In Batman 3, aka Gotham

The Sun reporter Gordon Smart stands by his report that Eddie Murphy will party all the time as The Riddler in the Dark Knight sequel — which he claims will be called Gotham. » 12/24/08 11:00am 12/24/08 11:00am

Eddie Murphy Is Batman's Riddler In The Magical World Of Unicorn…

Today in ridiculous Batman rumors, Eddie Murphy is playing the Riddler in the next Dark Knight, Shia LaBeouf is Robin, and I ride a sleigh drawn by tiny ponies to work. » 12/18/08 7:00am 12/18/08 7:00am

The Return Of Fat, Farting Mad Scientist Eddie Murphy

Who needs an Oscar when you can prance around in old lady boobs making fatty fart jokes? Not Eddie Murphy. Nuts to that whole Dream Girls » 11/20/08 7:00am 11/20/08 7:00am phenomenon where he used his genuine talent to tell a story - there weren't enough fat suits. Lucky for fat suit lover Murphy, rumor has it that is in the works.From the brain…

Eddie Murphy Does The Funky Robot

Plenty of movies have a weak premise but elevate it via brilliant execution. And then there's the occasional film, like Eddie Murphy's Meet Dave, that has a premise so clever that even a completely lackluster execution can't ruin it. The idea of one-inch-aliens traveling to Earth in a human-sized spaceship that looks… » 7/11/08 1:40pm 7/11/08 1:40pm

Does Anybody Want To See Eddie Murphy's Little Man?

What's going on with Meet Dave, Eddie Murphy's new scifi comedy? It's coming out July 11, and there's barely been a peep about it, aside from a trailer a while ago. No buzz, no press. And it doesn't sound as though it'll be screened for critics. Update: Actually, it is being screened after all. With a script… » 7/02/08 1:56pm 7/02/08 1:56pm

Eddie Murphy Plans To Shrink Our Brains

We can only hope that this summer's Meet Dave — about a tiny Eddie Murphy inside a regular-sized Eddie Murphy, who's actually a spaceship — bombs worse than Pluto Nash. Maybe then the powers that be in Hollywood will decide the demand for miniature-Eddie-Murphy movies isn't quite as clamorous as they'd supposed, and… » 4/22/08 11:09am 4/22/08 11:09am

Eddie Murphy Is The World's Lamest Spaceship

The basic plot idea of Eddie Murphy's next scifi movie is utterly brilliant, and has the potential to create an instant classic. But the execution, from Norbit director Brian Robbins, looks to be utterly awful. In Meet Dave (formerly known as Starship Dave), Murphy plays a starship shaped like a human, with a tiny… » 3/25/08 6:30am 3/25/08 6:30am

15 Movies To Watch (Or Avoid) This Year

Some movies radiate their awesomeness backwards in time as well as forwards. You practically have memories of enjoying films that haven't come out yet, the anticipation is so great. Other movies are so horrible, the pain travels back in time and becomes your childhood trauma. Here are the 2008 movies that are already… » 1/03/08 2:00pm 1/03/08 2:00pm