Simon Pegg explains the ending of The World's End

The World's End is a really funny movie — but it's also a thought-provoking piece of science fiction, with a somewhat controversial ending. When we interviewed the stars and director of the film, we asked Simon Pegg about his take on the ending, and here's what he told us. » 8/26/13 4:32pm 8/26/13 4:32pm

How The World's End rejects 'drunken, misogynistic' manchild films

In The World's End, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost gather their former best friends to drink their old hometown dry. But when we talked to Pegg, Frost and director Edgar Wright, they told us how this apocalyptic comedy isn't like your usual "drunken midlife crisis" film. Plus the secret of using genre to tell a personal… » 8/21/13 12:30pm 8/21/13 12:30pm

Edgar Wright confirms we'll meet Hank Pym in Ant-Man

The other day, Joss Whedon revealed that Avengers: Age of Ultron won't feature Ultron's creator, mad scientist Hank Pym. Just now, we were interviewing Edgar Wright about his new film The World's End, and he told us that we will, indeed, meet Hank Pym in Wright's Ant-Man movie. » 7/23/13 12:12pm 7/23/13 12:12pm

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright explain how their non-trilogy is a trilogy

Last Friday, we posted a new trailer for The World's End that hinted at how "The Cornetto Trilogy" (as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End) is actually thematically linked, but this new five-minute featurette explains the characters, the themes, the actors, and the ice cream treat that truly connect these… » 6/24/13 11:45am 6/24/13 11:45am

New trailer for Simon Pegg's beer-soaked apocalypse The World's End

Get a better look at the evil soul-sucking baddies Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright are teaming up to fight in their new apocalypse comedy The World's End. This will be the finale to the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy, and while we haven't even seen the movie yet, we already miss this trio. Hopefully the… » 5/22/13 8:45am 5/22/13 8:45am

Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie test footage finally revealed!

It's taken long enough, but the Ant-Man movie test footage that Edgar Wright revealed at last year's San Diego Comic Con has finally shown up online! It's a recording from the panel, of course, but you can still clearly see a gentleman in a familiar helmet changing size and kicking ass. Which, I believe, is all we… » 3/20/13 6:30am 3/20/13 6:30am

Fan recreates Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man test footage in storyboard form

Did you miss Edgar Wright's test footage for his Ant-Man movie at this years Comic-Con? Don't worry — one clever fan has recreated the entire thing with animated storyboards. Sadly there's no sound or music, but now you at least get the overall gist of what Wright is gunning for in his Marvel movie. Plus, a potential… » 9/26/12 11:00am 9/26/12 11:00am

J.J. Abrams and Edgar Wright team up for a mystery movie called

Two entertainment icons, J.J. Abrams and Edgar Wright, are teaming up for a mysterious science fiction movie called Collider. Could this be our first big Hollywood picture about the Large Hadron Collider? And is it the same as the God Particle project that Abrams was linked to recently? » 7/24/12 6:30am 7/24/12 6:30am

Writer's block has a spooky solution in Edgar Wright's new motion comic

Motion comics are the much-maligned offspring of comics and flash cartoons, but can Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright make the medium compelling? He's trying it out with The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator, a story about a man who seems to overcome his writers' block, but doesn't know how … » 4/14/12 12:30pm 4/14/12 12:30pm