Blair Witch Project writer/director's new film takes exploitation to the next level

After making the genre-changing Blair Witch Project for a tiny budget, filmmaker Eduardo Sánchez spent over a decade recovering. He worked on a string of unsuccessful movies, but now he's trying for a comeback with his first feature in a while, Lovely Molly. Like Blair, this indie horror flick incorporates found… »5/24/12 12:38pm5/24/12 12:38pm

A Horror Movie that Knows the Scariest Thing is Losing Your Mind

There have been a lot of horror movies that have probed the line between madness and the supernatural lately — but Lovely Molly, coming out in limited release on May 18, might be the most interesting of the bunch. It's a look at a blue-collar protagonist who moves back into a house that raises all sorts of issues —… »5/02/12 8:00pm5/02/12 8:00pm