In the new Twilight trailer, Bella kills everyone in Forks

Step right up, it's the grand finale of the grand finale of the Twilight saga! Watch the first teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Bella has become a newborn vampire, which means she now wears red contacts and lipstick. Can Bella handle her mad thirst for blood? Or will her new vampire powers cause her to… »3/26/12 7:55am3/26/12 7:55am


First look at the brand-new Bella in Breaking Dawn: Part 2

Want to know what Bella looks like in the final chapter of the Twilight franchise? Spoilers! For those of you just tuning in, the last movie featured Edward ripping their half vampire, half human baby out of Bella's body with his teeth. He had to turn Bella into a vampire to keep her alive. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 »3/13/12 6:20pm3/13/12 6:20pm

Watch Bella tell Edward she's carrying his unholy vampire spawn in 4 new Twilight: Breaking Dawn clips

It's the beginning of the end for Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. Breaking Dawn Part 1 promises so much for the vampires who sparkle and their clumsy human mates — including one of the most famous sex scenes in literary history, followed by one of the most famous birth scenes! Watch the first clips now! »11/03/11 9:30am11/03/11 9:30am