Listen to Edward James Olmos awesomely perform the original Battlestar…

One thing show creator Ron Moore didn't bring over from the original Battlestar Galactica TV series to his critically acclaimed Syfy remake was the show's original ending narration. But clearly at one point he was thinking about including it, because the By Your Command Facebook page dug up this recording of Edward… » 1/25/13 12:20pm 1/25/13 12:20pm

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Eureka's Christmas special took the show into the realm of animation, with incredible results. The episode was a minor masterpiece, a thrill ride that was equal parts exciting, emotional, and hilarious. And we've got the best parts to share! » 12/07/11 4:30pm 12/07/11 4:30pm

10 Science Fiction and Fantasy Actors Who Make Everything Better

There are many actors who help make science fiction and fantasy awesome, but there are some faces you see again and again. And some actors just automatically brighten the screen whenever they appear. No matter what movie or TV show they're in, they make it better. » 9/13/11 10:00am 9/13/11 10:00am

This is the face of Battlestar Galactica's new William Adama

The Battlestar Galactica prequel, Blood and Chrome, has chosen its younger William Adama, Luke Pasqualino. Does this young actor have the snuff to become the famous Cylon-slayer and defender of humanity, Admiral Adama? Take a closer look. » 1/26/11 12:30pm 1/26/11 12:30pm

Do We Know How Caprica Ends?

Since Caprica is a prequel to Battlestar Galactica, we know that it has to set up the events of BSG, including young Willie Adama coming of age. But do we actually know how Caprica ends? One site thinks so. » 12/10/09 3:15pm 12/10/09 3:15pm

The Only Team Edward Shirt You'll Ever Need

Twilight fans can keep their shirts emblazoned with Robert Pattinson's face. The rest of us know that the only Team Edward worth belonging to is Team Edward James Olmos. And now you can wear your affiliation proudly. » 12/02/09 1:30pm 12/02/09 1:30pm

5 Things You Didn't Know About BSG Season 4

What's the secret connection between Quentin Tarantino and Felix Gaeta? What relationship between Bear McCreary (in person) and Starbuck did we almost see? We've got the exclusive answers, from Battlestar Galactica: The Official Companion Season Four. » 10/28/09 12:30pm 10/28/09 12:30pm

Olmos Talks BSG's Unanswered Questions, And What You Won't See In "The…

If you buy enough copies of Battlestar Galactica: "The Plan," coming out tomorrow, Edward James Olmos is determined to make more BSG direct-to-DVD epics. We asked Olmos what those films would be about, and he explained what happened to Starbuck. » 10/26/09 2:27pm 10/26/09 2:27pm

New Clips Reveal The Cylons' Devious Plans For Humankind

Six is on crutches, Cavil is plotting, and Simon is married. In the cylon-centric Battlestar Galactica DVD The Plan, we get new spin on our favorite skinjobs. Watch never-before-seen clips and commentary from writer Jane Espenson and the cast. » 10/21/09 3:00pm 10/21/09 3:00pm

A New Kato and Edward James Olmos Join the Green Hornet Cast

Seth Rogen's Green Hornet has finally found his crime-fighting sidekick - and fans of Asian cinema may recognize the face under Kato's domino mask. Updated: Plus, Edward James Olmos joins the cast. » 8/10/09 10:00am 8/10/09 10:00am

BSG TV Movie Will Explain Boomer's Steamy Fling With Cavil

What was up with Boomer jumping into bed with Cavil in the final season of Battlestar Galactica? We'll understand after we watch the BSG TV movie, Grace Park promised us. We also talked to Jane Espenson and Edward James Olmos. » 8/04/09 3:30pm 8/04/09 3:30pm

The Battlestar Galactica Orchestra Rocked The Frak Out

One of Comic Con's most intriguing offerings was at the House of Blues, where the Battlestar Galactica Orchestra performed on all the nights of Con. We were there last Friday, to see a nerdy obsession morph into something else entirely. » 7/29/09 2:20pm 7/29/09 2:20pm

Olmos: The Plan Won't Be the Last BSG Movie

Most of the talk at today's Battlestar Galactica panel was on prequel series Caprica and TV movie "The Plan." But Edward James Olmos revealed that even after The Plan has ended, he's not done with Bill Adama. » 7/24/09 3:12pm 7/24/09 3:12pm

New Trailer For BSG's "The Plan" Explains Exactly What That Plan Was

Remember the Cylons' much-vaunted plan on Battlestar Galactica? Turns out it was "sheer elegance in its simplicity," as the Middleman would say. A new trailer for the last-chance-to-retcon-everything TV movie "The Plan" finally spells out just what that plan was. » 6/19/09 5:30pm 6/19/09 5:30pm

Cylon Plan Will Make You Gasp, Buy DVDs

We already know that Battlestar Galactica: The Plan will retell the story of the cylon attacks on humanity from a distinctly nonhuman viewpoint, but according to director Edward James Olmos, it's monumental despite being what you'd expect. » 6/07/09 8:00am 6/07/09 8:00am

Olmos Human, Olmos Not the Man: Why I Quit BSG

I’m not that smart of a guy. I can’t tell you what a categorical imperative is, or how to hot-wire a motorcycle, or what the Singularity is going to look like. But I can guarantee you one thing: If we ever face a real Robot Threat and I have anything to say about it, I will not put Edward James Olmos in charge of… » 10/26/08 1:00pm 10/26/08 1:00pm

Admiral Adama Drops Final Cylon Hints: It's Harrison Ford

Edward James Olmos gave the fans one hell of a loaded statement at the Battlestar Galactica » 8/26/08 11:04am 8/26/08 11:04am panel at the Toronto Fan Expo. Olmos revealed that will get even darker than before, with maximum death and destruction. He also revealed who will be the star of the TV movie he's directing, and dropped some hints about the…

BSG TV Movie Will Be The Man Show

More details have come out about the first (and maybe only) Battlestar Galactica TV movie, which may air as soon as this fall. The good news is, it'll be written by Buffy/Firefly scribe Jane Espenson, who just scored a hit with the BSG episode "The Hub." The bad news is, it'll be directed by BSG star Edward James… » 7/01/08 12:00pm 7/01/08 12:00pm

More Frak Than You Could Ever Want

It's the censorship-evading word that stands as proof at how involved Battlestar Galactica has become in modern popular culture. Frak has even shown up in non-Cylon-friendly shows like Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls. But did you know that many households the world over are more familiar with frakking than you'd… » 5/16/08 6:30am 5/16/08 6:30am

Admiral Adama's Death Race With A Rocket Bike

Battlestar Galactica's post-apocalyptic leader, Edward James Olmos, races his sportscar through a world of flying cars, elevated trains and missile-firing rocket bikes, in this commercial for Farmers Insurance. Olmos has been appearing in Spanish/English Farmers ads for a while now, but this one features CGI… » 3/28/08 6:30am 3/28/08 6:30am