Watch This Heroic Bald Eagle Keep Her Eggs Warm In A Snow-Covered Nest

Though the live camera feed of her nest in Pennsylvania's Codurus State Park reveals that she's gotten some relief from the snow, this image (captured March 5) shows a bald eagle mother keeping her eggs warm ... despite what was clearly some deeply inconsiderate weather. » 3/07/15 1:15pm 3/07/15 1:15pm

A one-in-a-billion perfectly spherical egg has sold for £480 on eBay. Kim Broughton found the egg from her hen, now called Ping Pong. The money from the auction will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. [BBC News] » 3/02/15 3:00am 3/02/15 3:00am

These Absurd Star Wars Toys Turn Heroes And Villains Into... Eggs?

The cast of Star Wars have been turned into a plethora of things over the years as the Merchandising empire trudges ever onwards - potato people, transformers, you name it. But I'm pretty sure this new set of toys from Bandai might be the first to turn them into transforming Eggs. » 2/10/15 2:38pm 2/10/15 2:38pm

When You Overcook Eggs, You Turn Them Into Chemical Weapons

Remember that ad campaign a while back, that was meant to show you that eggs weren't bad for you? Turns out, they understated the case. Eggs are desperately trying to save your life. The "green" on boiled eggs shows where they saved you from your own attempts at chemical warfare. » 1/29/15 12:33pm 1/29/15 12:33pm

This Is How You Unboil An Egg

Every one knows how to boil an egg (egg + water + heat + time), but is it possible to reverse the process and take a boiled egg back to its previous state? The answer is, incredibly, yes. Here's how. » 1/27/15 9:40am 1/27/15 9:40am

What's the Real Difference Between Brown and White Eggs?

Chickens tend to produce eggs in one of two colors, white and brown. But is there any nutritional difference between them? And what accounts for the difference in shell color in the first place? » 8/28/14 4:40pm 8/28/14 4:40pm

Are Eggshells Edible?

You can eat them poached, fried, over-easy, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, in a frittata, as part of an omelette, smothered in hollandaise, just the whites, or as part of scramble. But are even the shells of eggs edible? » 7/01/14 8:40am 7/01/14 8:40am

Scientists have shown that many birds affected by the parasitic Common Cuckoo — which lays its lethal offspring in other birds' nestshave evolved distinctive patterns on their eggs in order to distinguish them from those laid by a cuckoo cheat. » 6/20/14 11:40am 6/20/14 11:40am

British scientists have finally figured out how sperm is able to connect with an egg. The process is facilitated by a molecule dubbed Juno, a protein that allows sperm to dock to the surface of an egg. The discovery could introduce new fertility treatments and birth control. » 4/17/14 1:30pm 4/17/14 1:30pm

What if natural products came with a list of ingredients?

Processed foods are notorious for their jaw-droppingly long lists of chemical-laden ingredients, each one sounding worse than the last. But as these detailed infographics show, even the simplest of foods are anything but. » 1/17/14 2:20pm 1/17/14 2:20pm

How Unborn Turtles Choose To Become Male or Female

While in their eggs, turtle embryos move around to find the perfect spot that's not too hot, not too cold, but just right. And because temperature determines what sex unborn turtles become, the embryos might be able to "choose" their own sex by staying in cooler or warmer areas of the egg, according to a new study. » 6/12/13 3:20pm 6/12/13 3:20pm

How do you make eggs out of plants? (And why?)

As food science and our understanding plant proteins expands by leafs and stems, some food-thinking entrepreneurs are looking for ways to make our agricultural products safer, more environmentally sustainable, more humane, and yes, cheaper. Recently, I paid a visit to food science startup Hampton Creek Foods to learn… » 4/07/13 7:00am 4/07/13 7:00am

Slow motion egg annihilation is the best kind of egg annihilation

That's just a fact. Case in point: this wonderful slice of eggy diversion, brought to you courtesy of the folks at PopSpot. No scrambling, no cooking, just 114 seconds of pure yolky, albumin-y egg ruination. » 11/12/12 1:20pm 11/12/12 1:20pm

How to stand an egg upright

There are rumors that people can balance an egg on its sharper curves during an equinox (something about the spin of the earth and the position of the sun will let it stay up). That's crap. In order to stand an egg upright you have to control the spin of the egg. Which is good, because that's a lot easier than… » 8/13/11 11:35am 8/13/11 11:35am

True Blood Finale - WTF Did I Just Watch?

This is it, the big finale. And if you thought True Blood went bonkers crazy WTF before, well then you've never seen an entire town marry off a God to a cow and a giant meat uterus. Spoilers ahead! » 9/14/09 7:27pm 9/14/09 7:27pm