Must Watch: Ursula Le Guin and other authors discussing science fiction

The made-for-cable-TV show Science Fiction Conversations features the involvement of an amazing bunch of science fiction authors. Vonda McIntyre directed the episodes. Nisi Shawl and Eileen Gunn hosted the show. And the authors interviewed included Ursula K. Le Guin, Hiromi Goto and Gunn herself. Fortunately, three… » 1/20/12 9:46am 1/20/12 9:46am

The Greatest Characters Come From The Weirdest Worlds, Says Eileen Gunn

Click to view » 11/03/08 11:20pm 11/03/08 11:20pmBelievable characters go hand-in-hand with surreal futuristic worlds, says Eileen Gunn, author of and founder of the speculative webzine . Writing about a realistic future world or alien planet can seem like an insurmountable challenge, and so can putting believable characters into that setting — but you…