This is the most accurate American election map we've seen yet

There are no red states or blue states. There are purple states. Mauve states. Violet states. You've probably seen maps that depict America's blended political landscape before ("we are not that divided" writes Jesus Diaz over at Gizmodo), but odds are you've never seen one quite like this. It was created by… » 11/14/12 8:41am 11/14/12 8:41am

What fictional character should run the United States for the next four…

A smaller than ideal number of people are going out to vote in the United States today. They're poking buttons on easily-hacked voting machines and making holes in poorly-formatted paper cards to pick our next supreme commander — and to take a stand on whether octopuses should wear school uniforms. » 11/06/12 10:19am 11/06/12 10:19am

Joss Whedon endorses Mitt Romney for president of the zombie apocalypse

With less than two weeks until the US presidential election, director Joss Whedon decides to toss in his two cents. But what starts as a Mitt Romney anti-endorsement quickly morphs into a parody of hyperbolic political ads. Which candidate will put us on the fastest path to the zombie apocalypse? And which candidate… » 10/28/12 4:15pm 10/28/12 4:15pm

Meet the presidential candidates who would give zombies the right to…

Granted, these aren't your brand-name presidential candidates, but they are the ballot for the Republican nomination. Tucson Weekly held a debate with some of the less conventional Republican candidates, and asked them some less conventional questions. Surprisingly, three out of these seven candidates would give… » 2/25/12 1:30pm 2/25/12 1:30pm

CNN Can't Stop Pimping Its Election-Night Holographic Toy

Seven minutes before the polls closed, CNN decided to show off their new super power hologram » 11/04/08 7:56pm 11/04/08 7:56pm technology just one more time, by "beaming in" Obama supporter and musician Wil.I.Am, Princess Leia-style, from his Chicago location. We'd seen Wolf Blitzer toying with the virtual-commentator equipment all night, but…

Absentee Ballots — In Space!

Think you're facing long lines at your local polling place? At least you aren't casting your vote from over 200 miles above the Earth's surface. Astronauts E. Michael Fincke and Gregory Chamitoff will be voting from the International Space Station today, and their right to do it is the result of a relatively new… » 11/04/08 8:20am 11/04/08 8:20am

Eleven Writers Imagine What Happens After Election Day

Bookmaker Paddy Power is giving 1-10 odds that Barack Obama will win tomorrow’s election. But we still don't know what'll really happen on election day — and right afterwards. Will an Obama administration have the funds to bring about his promised changes? Will President McCain survive a full four-year term? Could… » 11/03/08 8:40am 11/03/08 8:40am

How Hackable Are the Voting Machines in Your State?

SciFi Channel's Dvice blog has a great chart up today that shows which states have the most unreliable and/or hackable e-voting machines. If you want to get more detailed information about what kind of voting machines are being used in your state, you can go to Dvice's javascripty map here » 10/20/08 12:34pm 10/20/08 12:34pm, and visit their list of…

Vote for Nurglon, the Giant Monster Choice!

Are you looking for a U.S. presidential candidate who meets crucial requirements such as having given birth to millions of children? Then you'll want to vote for Nurglon, who has 5,000,000 children and good ole religious values (it worships Cthulhu). Plus, it meets one of the other prerequisites for being a U.S.… » 9/16/08 3:07pm 9/16/08 3:07pm

Clinton is the Only Presidential Candidate With a Space Plan

Apparently Hilary Clinton is the only presidential candidate who has taken a public stand on space-related issues. In a terrifically-helpful rundown of candidates' sci/tech policies from Popular Mechanics, Clinton was the only one to comment on the space program. She promised to renew NASA's R&D funding, prep for… » 12/20/07 7:30am 12/20/07 7:30am

Jumper Highlights Secret War Against Teleporters

Our basic human right to teleport around the world on a whim is at stake in Jumper, coming out next February. The trailer, released today, showcases the jarring "scar" special effect which rips holes in reality to let Hayden Christensen bop all over the place. And a secret war between free-thinking teleporters and… » 10/10/07 8:23pm 10/10/07 8:23pm