Rebels threaten a glittering, post-cataclysmic society in Tom Hanks' animated webseries Electric City

After a disaster causes civilization to collapse, a seemingly idyllic city rises from the ashes, powered by electricity and a strong sense of community. But the Electric City is also carefully controlled by a shadowy matriarchy, which uses propaganda and violence to keep everything moving slowly. Their most powerful… »7/17/12 3:30pm7/17/12 3:30pm


First Look at Tom Hanks' Dystopian Future in Electric City

The first footage is out from Tom Hanks' animated web series, Electric City — set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, where only the rich can afford communication. Hanks produced, does voice acting, and helped write the script for this 90-minute project, that's been in the works for years. Hanks told EW that at one point… »7/02/12 5:56pm7/02/12 5:56pm