Scientists snap a picture of DNA’s double helix for the very first time

For the last 60 years, scientists have known that DNA's structure is composed of a spiraling corkscrew. They know this thanks to molecular theory and and an old-time technique called X-ray crystallography, where patterns of dots are converted into an overarching image using mathematics. But now, using an electron… »11/29/12 12:45pm11/29/12 12:45pm


Titan 80-300 Cubed is the Most Badass of All Microscopes

You are looking at the most powerful electron microscope on Earth. Housed at MacMaster University in Ontario, Canada, the Titan 80-300 Cubed »10/21/08 1:13pm10/21/08 1:13pm will allow researchers to peer into the workings of molecules and atoms on a scale never before possible. What they find with the ultra microscope could revolutionize material…

2008 Science Visualization Challenge Reveals the Teeth in a Squid's Suckers

What you see above are actually the suckers on the arm of a squid, captured with an electron microscope. The color was added for the obvious effect. The National Science Foundation and the journal Science »9/26/08 10:00am9/26/08 10:00am have announced the winners of the 6th annual International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge.…