Meet the scientific accident that could change the world

Last year, researchers at UCLA made a rather fantastic, if serendipitous, discovery. A team of scientists led by chemist Richard Kaner had just finished devising an efficient method for producing high-quality sheets of the Nobel-prize winning supermaterial known as graphene... with a consumer-grade DVD drive. That… »2/26/13 3:40pm2/26/13 3:40pm

Blinky Light Combination Lock Keeps Aliens out of Your Quarters

When I see scifi flicks from the 1960s and 70s, I always love the blocky, blinky lights on all the computers. Though they were obviously considered "futuristic" at some point before we all started fetishizing miniaturization and gesture-based computers. But now the DiY geeks over at Hackaday have found a way to make… »6/13/08 6:48pm6/13/08 6:48pm

Nanowire Power Shirt Generates Electricity While You Wear It

Now you can power your cell phone just by wearing a special shirt made of two tiny layers of nanowires that rub against each other as you move. These super-conductive wires are "piezoelectric," generating energy through pressure and movement. The result is a shirt that generates more electricity the more you move… »4/02/08 6:31pm4/02/08 6:31pm