4 Danger Signs To Search For, Before Sending Off Your Novel

Congratulations! Your epic space-opera novel is finished, and you're preparing to fire off your query letters to agents. But even though you've read your manuscript a hundred times, you still may have missed some weaknesses. Here's how to find them. » 4/19/10 4:12pm 4/19/10 4:12pm

What's The Difference Between Denouement And Picking At A Scab?

So your space-wizard novel has resolved its epic storyline: Your hero has defeated your villain, or your central mystery's been solved. But unlike your hero, your work isn't done: there's still the denouement, where we find out what happens afterwards. » 10/15/09 12:19pm 10/15/09 12:19pm

The One Sentence That Can Ruin Your Whole Day

Your space-warping, mind-bending science fiction/fantasy novel isn't just action set pieces and breathtaking ideas — it's got character and atmosphere. And when you're developing those things, it's tempting to reach for that great tool, the Topic Sentence. But beware. » 10/07/09 11:32am 10/07/09 11:32am

Make Your Epic Space Novel Live Up To Your "Elevator Pitch"

The best science-fiction novels boast panoramic world-building and complex ideas. But eventually, you must explain your grand design in a few sentences. This is what's called the "elevator pitch," and it's actually a helpful way of thinking about your novel. » 7/22/09 11:40am 7/22/09 11:40am