Keanu Reeves Gives Away Earth Stood Still's Ending

We tried hard to abstain from toy spoilers, but some new G.I. Joe toy pics are just too good not to post. But we also have rock star spoilers, as Gerard Way talks Watchmen. Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves may have given away the ending of The Day The Earth Stood Still. And there are big changes afoot for Davis and Clark on … »12/05/08 9:00am12/05/08 9:00am

This Week On Heroes, Everybody Dies But Seth Green

If they killed off all the characters on Heroes, would that save this season? The ridiculous cliffhanger and promos make it seem like almost every character is dying, or in imminent danger of death. But will there be any real deaths? Watch a clip from tonight's episode and judge for yourself. Also, there are preview… »12/01/08 12:00pm12/01/08 12:00pm

Klaatu's Ultimate Goal And Smallville's Legion Villain — Revealed!

Welcome to Black Friday. We've collected a shocking number of spoilers to fortify you before your shopping rampage. Including exactly what Keanu Reeves is up to in the Day The Earth Stood Still remake, and what Hugh Jackman says will happen in Wolverine 2. Plus, Geoff Johns totally gave away the identity of the… »11/28/08 9:00am11/28/08 9:00am