ABC's Summer Officially Filled With Daisies And Eli Stone

It's now been confirmed: Pushing Daisies' final episodes will definitely air on ABC Saturday nights at 10pm from May 30th through June 13th, before the timeslot is taken over by the final four episodes of Eli Stone. Between this news and Kings relocation to Saturdays, it's as if Saturday is the new Friday. Or… » 4/08/09 4:15pm 4/08/09 4:15pm

Green Lantern Movie Will Be Respectful, Secretive

Here's the good news about the upcoming Green Lantern movie: Co-writer Marc Guggenheim seems very confident that it'll turn out to be a quality flick that sums up everything great about the character. Here's the bad news: That's pretty much all he'll tell you about the project, because the studio doesn't want people… » 6/05/08 6:30am 6/05/08 6:30am