"Infodump," "Mary Sue" And Other Words That Authors Are Sick Of Hearing

Science fiction and fantasy readers are in a constant dialogue with their favorite stories. At conventions, workshops, and online, people geek out about their favorite books. But sometimes, authors get a little tired of the same old memes. Ten authors told io9 about the writing terms they'd like to see retired. »11/25/14 4:00pm11/25/14 4:00pm

Sky-Mining is dangerous enough, but when a Deep Storm comes, it's suicide

One of the year's most exciting anthologies is Edge of Infinity, the new space opera collection that includes masters of the craft like Alastair Reynolds, James S.A. Corey and Gwyneth Jones. It's available now, and it's just $6.99 on the Kindle. We're proud to bring you an exclusive excerpt — a story by Elizabeth Bear… »12/25/12 6:00pm12/25/12 6:00pm

Philip K. Dick Award shortlist: 7 daring stories of zombies, generation ships and terraforming

The Philip K. Dick Award, for science fiction books originally published in paperback instead of hardcover, put out its shortlist for the year, and chances are a few books on the list haven't been on your radar. (The list does include Project Itoh's Harmony, which was one of our favorite books of 2010.) Since these… »1/20/11 9:30am1/20/11 9:30am

One of last year's coolest anthologies gets a sequel

Metatropolis thrilled us with its near-future shared world and its daring take on urban decay and reinvention. So we're psyched that a second volume is coming out — focusing exclusively on one of the most memorable settings in the first book, the reborn Pacific Northwest known as Cascadia. Edited by Jay Lake, whose… »10/06/10 5:30pm10/06/10 5:30pm

Secrets Of Great Characters, According To 6 Science Fiction Authors

Click to view »10/31/08 4:55pm10/31/08 4:55pmAmazing stories need great characters. And when you're writing a story set in a futuristic or fantastical world, it's more important than ever for readers to be able to relate to your characters. It's also harder than ever, because your characters' lives and experiences will be totally different than your…

Science Versus Magic — Is There a Difference in the World of Fiction?

One of the biggest debates among people who like scifi — aside from the Star Wars vs. Star Trek thing — is where to draw the line between science and magic. Some adhere to the idea that magic is simply science that we don't yet understand, others feel that magic represents an essential mystery that can't be… »7/08/08 6:22pm7/08/08 6:22pm