Marvel At The Winners Of The 2014 World Fantasy Awards!

Today's World Fantasy Awards ceremony was full of great surprises and well-deserved accolades. It was a really good day for Caitlín R. Kiernan, Subterranean Press, and dangerous women. And the best novel goes to Sofia Samatar for A Stranger in Olondria! We were there, and here's the skinny. » 11/09/14 2:15pm 11/09/14 2:15pm

The Crucial Storytelling Mistake that Many Beginning Writers Make

Editor extraordinaire Ellen Datlow has read countless stories, from her tenure at Omni Magazine to her recent slew of fantastic themed anthologies. In a new interview at Papercuts, she explains the biggest mistake she sees beginning writers making: creating a situation instead of plotting a story. » 1/02/14 1:13pm 1/02/14 1:13pm

A Great Video That Reminds Us Short Fiction is SF's Life Blood

It's national short story month — and to celebrate, here are acclaimed writers Elizabeth Hand and Timothy Zahn, plus editor Ellen Datlow, to explain why short fiction keeps science fiction awesome. Zahn's description of the role of editors in shaping his early work is particularly lovely. » 5/03/13 11:40am 5/03/13 11:40am

Support new original horror fiction from Ellen Datlow!

There are remarkably few places that publish new short horror fiction nowadays — and there are also relatively few anthologies that don't have a rigid theme, like zombies or witchcraft. Enter editor Ellen Datlow, who used to edit stories for Omni and SciFiction, and now puts out a lot of our favorite anthologies. » 12/27/12 3:32pm 12/27/12 3:32pm

Proof that the End of the World Doesn't Have to be Boring

The era of post-apocalyptic and dystopian novels for young adults may be winding down at last — but one of the best thing to come out of the trend has only just arrived. The anthology After, from editors Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, is one of the most dazzling collections of stories we've read in ages. » 11/29/12 2:59pm 11/29/12 2:59pm

All the Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Miss in October!

October brings an amazing horde of great books, to keep you reading way into the night. Lois Lowry concludes the Giver saga, Justin Cronin continues the Passage trilogy, and Iain M. Banks has a new story of the Culture. Plus Catherynne M. Valente's latest Fairyland novel, and Cory Doctorow's follow-up to Little Brother » 10/02/12 3:54pm 10/02/12 3:54pm

Authors Weigh in on the differences between science fiction and fantasy

Open Road Media recently had some of their most well-known authors talk about their love for science fiction and fantasy — and what the difference between the two is. The video includes Ellen Datlow, Alan Dean Foster, Barbara Hambly, John Jakes and Patricia C. Wrede. Not to mention you can watch Barbara Hambly read… » 9/21/12 3:50pm 9/21/12 3:50pm

How to get it on with an Alien: A Beginner's Guide

Valentine's day is coming up, which means it's time to get romantic with your alien loved one. But how exactly do you do the deed with someone whose DNA comes from the other side of the galaxy? How do you negotiate differing erogenous zones and the possibility that your lover may want to eat you after the act? Read… » 2/12/12 9:00am 2/12/12 9:00am

10 Recent Science Fiction Books That Make Great Gifts

Give someone a whole new world for the holidays this year! Here are 10 recent science fiction books that'll make terrific gifts — each with a wildly different take on the genre, so there's something for everyone. » 12/03/10 11:52am 12/03/10 11:52am

Touch a piece of science fiction history — and help keep live SF…

The Fantastic Fiction series at New York's KGB Bar has featured everyone from China Mieville to Joyce Carol Oates, and brought SF to countless hard-drinking literati. Now you can support it and own some amazing science fiction memorabilia! » 10/12/10 12:20pm 10/12/10 12:20pm

An Anthology Of Cat Tales Designed To Provoke And Terrify

Legendary editor Ellen Datlow has whipped up something evil and fun for SF/fantasy fans who are drawn to cats. Her new anthology, Tails of Wonder And Imagination, is devoted entirely to felines, and they aren't exactly your cutesy wufflemuffins. » 2/12/10 4:18pm 2/12/10 4:18pm

Hugo-Winner Ellen Datlow on the Art of Editing Short Fiction

An award-winning editor of genre anthologies, Ellen Datlow started her career at Omni magazine and now edits several books a year, including Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. She told us what short story editors want. » 8/13/09 8:30am 8/13/09 8:30am

A Peek Inside the Life of a Science Fiction Editor

Ever wonder what's really happening in the cluttered offices of science fiction magazines like Asimov's or a publishing house like Pyr? Four editors take you inside the strange world of SF editing. » 8/08/09 4:00pm 8/08/09 4:00pm

What Are You Doing To Prepare For Human-Alien Sex?

The biggest challenge of the 21st century won't be global warming, or colonizing Mars. Rather, most reputable futurists agree, it'll be having sex with the vastly different alien species we'll make contact with. When we finally meet extraterrestrial sentients, it will take some ingenuity to have something resembling… » 3/31/08 11:00am 3/31/08 11:00am