Did Emmerich just replace Independence Day 2 with this alien movie?

Hope you didn't have your heart set on an Independence Day sequel, because it looks like diretor Roland Emmerich is interested in an entirely different alien invasion. The disaster porn auteur has just picked up a "new take" on the alien invasion movie. Are there any more ways to tell this story? From the perspective… »6/07/13 6:01pm6/07/13 6:01pm

Emergence: The scientific concept that explains slime, friction, and Brooklyn neighborhoods

Emergence is the word used to describe what happens when a system becomes more than the combination of its pieces. A set of rules, group of animals, or collection of objects can develop special properties that none of the single pieces possess. The exact cause of this transformation is impossible to pin down, and yet… »9/28/11 10:00am9/28/11 10:00am