How the Boston Marathon tragedy revealed the best side of social media

Within seconds after a bomb detonated during the Boston Marathon this morning, pictures, video and news of the horrific event were pulsing over social networks. And they weren't exaggerations or FUD — these reports from people on the ground were the way most of us learned the truth. » 4/15/13 2:38pm 4/15/13 2:38pm

Clues and bombshells on Wolverine 2, Fringe, Superman, Teen Wolf and…

Could Zack Snyder be casting an older Superman? Will the Ouija Board movie be a blockbuster adventure? Hellraiser gets two directors. Also: Harry Potter trailer, Caprica clips, Aronofsky's Wolverine sequel hints, Hobbit progress, and clues on Teen Wolf and Trek. » 10/21/10 6:00am 10/21/10 6:00am