Your Burning Questions About The Plot of Terminator Genisys, Answered!

Did you walk out of Terminator Genisys with a ton of questions about the plot? It’s a time travel movie, so it would be kind of crazy if you didn’t. Thankfully, we asked the film’s two writers and its director some mega-spoilery questions, and now you can read their explanations for the latest Terminator movie’s… »7/02/15 4:20pm7/02/15 4:20pm


Daenerys Targaryen explains why she probably doesn't want the Iron Throne

The Mother of Dragons might be pulled by destiny to fight for the Iron Throne, but does Danny Targaryen the woman even want that position? All things considered? The DVD release of the second season of Game of Thrones has this interesting little roundtable featurette called the "Inner Circle," where the showrunners… »2/15/13 2:40pm2/15/13 2:40pm