How To Train Your Robot To Recognize You

When you come home from work at night, does your robot greet you at the door expectantly, or does it sit there impassively in its recharging node because it can't tell the difference between you, the mailman, and Emilio Estevez? Today's computer scientists are hard at work making sure tomorrow's robots won't leave… » 5/15/08 8:00am 5/15/08 8:00am

Clubs of the Future with Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall, and Crazy Outfits!

I dare you to name a movie sillier than Freejack, a gooftastic flick from 1992 with Mick Jagger as a futuristic bounty hunter (in the year 2009!) who grabs people from the past and sells their bodies to dead rich people whose minds are stored in a giant mainframe. Too bad he messes with race car driver Alex, played… » 5/05/08 5:41pm 5/05/08 5:41pm

Repo Man Delivers One of the Best Scientology Parodies Ever

Back in the 1980s, then-unknown Emilio Estevez made his debut in a raunchy, SoCal punk rock cult flick called Repo Man. Starring Harry Dean Stanton as Estevez's coked-up mentor, the movie is about what happens when the repo dudes come across a car whose trunk is full of deadly alien loot. And the alien conspiracy… » 4/07/08 5:05pm 4/07/08 5:05pm