The Huntsman Adds Jessica Chastain To Its Trio of Awesome Women

Look, I know, I know, that The Huntsman has all the hallmarks of a train wreck. The story of its production is Gordian in its knotness. Rather than slice the thing in half, the movie's gone with a strategy of "hiring all the best women they can." The latest person joining the cast? Jessica Chastain. » 2/24/15 10:00pm 2/24/15 10:00pm

Bad News: Frank Darabont's Off The Huntsman. But Wait, There's Good News

The massively troubled follow-up to 2012's Snow White and the Huntsman has been dealt another blow: It's lost Frank Darabont as a director. But at least they've got plans for a new villain that might inject life into this thing once again. » 1/18/15 11:00pm 1/18/15 11:00pm

Proof That The Best Part Of Edge Of Tomorrow Is The Humor

The best part of Edge of Tomorrow isn't the mad action, great fights or wonderful chemistry between Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, it's the humor. And Tom Cruise delivers each ham-boned or cowardly line so well. And if you don't believe us, check out this supercut. » 10/08/14 7:00am 10/08/14 7:00am

Edge of Tomorrow Deserves Serious Respect For Its Practical Effects

Emily Blunt Nearly Killed Tom Cruise For Real In Edge Of Tomorrow

As you likely know from the trailers, the scifi movie Edge of Tomorrow is about Tom Cruise reliving a single day until he can somehow change the course of a battle against alien invaders. To do so, he trains with Emily Blunt, who kills him whenever they need a "reset." Apparently she took her role seriously. » 6/05/14 5:30pm 6/05/14 5:30pm

Four Edge of Tomorrow Clips Show A Cowardly Tom Cruise Killing Aliens

Wanna glimpse until what all the fuss is about on Doug Liman's Edge of Tomorrow? Here are four alien-killing clips that demonstrate the battle-heavy nature of this Groundhog Day-with-guns movie. » 5/26/14 7:30am 5/26/14 7:30am

Tom Cruise Dies Over And Over Again In New Edge Of Tomorrow Trailer

Tom Cruise doesn't just live the same combat mission over and over again in Edge of Tomorrow—he also dies a whole lot. Watch a few of the many deaths of Cruise in the latest trailer, including one at the hands of Emily Blunt. » 3/25/14 10:24am 3/25/14 10:24am

Johnny Depp will seduce a 10-year-old girl in Disney's Into the Woods

Johnny Depp has been officially cast in Disney's big-screen adaptation of Into the Woods as the Big Bad Wolf. That means he's going to be singing sexually charged songs opposite...a ten-year-old girl. » 8/10/13 1:00pm 8/10/13 1:00pm

See Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt's mecha suits from Edge of Tomorrow

We've seen the footage from Tom Cruise's new Super Troopers-eque war movie, Edge of Tomorrow. And now we're getting a closer look at the suits Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt wear to kick ass in. » 7/22/13 3:35pm 7/22/13 3:35pm

Looper deleted scene shows how Gat Men get it done

What's it like working with a Gat Man on Emily Blunt's futuristic farm? Why did Garret Dillahunt's character dredge up so much fear? The first-ever deleted scene from Rian Johnson's Looper shows the trigger-happy Gat Man searching for Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis on Blunt's family farm. It's a pretty slick… » 1/02/13 7:45am 1/02/13 7:45am

Why Joseph Gordon-Levitt has the crappiest gun in Looper

Rian Johnson's Looper doesn't just have a clever use of time travel — it also has a complicated gangster society, with its own futuristic terminology. Including the movie's title — Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is a "looper," which means he's the lowest of the low, when it comes to these future gangsters. » 7/25/12 3:44pm 7/25/12 3:44pm

Looper promises Terminator-style time travel with a crime movie twist

Writer-director Rian Johnson gave San Diego Comic-Con an extended peek at his new film Looper, in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a hit man who has to kill his future self, played by Bruce Willis. But Willis isn't just out to save his neck — he wants to save the future from his past. Minor spoilers ahead. » 7/14/12 11:00am 7/14/12 11:00am

Get a first glimpse of the twisty, action-packed time travel noir Looper

We can't wait to see Brick director Rian Johnson's new film, in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a hitman who kills people from the future. We've got the full report on the WonderCon trailer, plus see the first images from the film! » 3/17/12 5:50pm 3/17/12 5:50pm

Introducing an invasive species will totally help you get laid

What does it take for an uptight science geek to get the hot girl? Apparently, it's all about geo-engineering. Ladies love it when you terraform the Earth! » 3/09/12 11:38am 3/09/12 11:38am

Emily Blunt is glad she didn't play Black Widow in Iron Man 2

Emily Blunt was the first choice to play Black Widow in Iron Man 2, and she was also up for the role of Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger. But she wound up not playing either role, and she doesn't seem too broken up to have missed out on them. » 3/06/12 1:20pm 3/06/12 1:20pm

Ewan McGregor attempts a crime against nature, in the first Salmon…

Paul Torday's Salmon Fishing in the Yemen was one of our favorite examples of a book that's secretly science fiction — about a fisheries scientist who undertakes the mad, ambitious project of introducing salmon to the Yemen. Including all of the bioengineering (and regular engineering) that goes into that. » 12/16/11 2:30pm 12/16/11 2:30pm

The Adjustment Bureau's director explains the men who rule your fate

So who are these foreboding men in hats, who seemingly control the universe? What are their jobs, their titles? Are they angels? Do they sleep at night? We brought our questions straight to the film's director, George Nolfi. » 3/03/11 3:00pm 3/03/11 3:00pm

Gnomeo and Juliet is your new Saturday-morning hangover movie

Need to amuse the kiddies while you recover from your Friday-night excesses? Gnomeo and Juliet is a remarkably pleasant film to watch with a hangover, featuring tons of Shakespearean in-jokes, garden gnome slapstick and Elton John cameos. It's the sort of film that's funny when you're barely awake, and it won't make… » 2/11/11 9:00am 2/11/11 9:00am

First images of Rian Johnson's dystopian future

Get a sneak peek at Rian (Brick) Johnson's time-traveling assassin film, Looper, from a few new prop photos. Plus learn how the movie's Chinese financial backers are helping to turn it into a vision of a future of Chinese supremacy. » 1/19/11 5:03pm 1/19/11 5:03pm