These Grand Forgotten Craft Could Be The Last Hope Of Humankind

At least, that's what these people are hoping as they descend from the roof into the long deserted hangar, to find vessels that have been overrun by nature. What are the chances these babies can fly again? This artwork by Emanuel Shiu leaves us wondering. » 10/27/14 5:00pm 10/27/14 5:00pm

This Power Armor Design Makes Us Want To Do An Orbital Jump For Joy

This is the most badass power armor we've seen in simply ages. Check out all the textures and the cool plating. (Click "Expand" to make it giant and see its full glory.) This is the work of fantastic concept artist Emmanuel Shiu, whose work we've featured before. » 7/09/14 6:30pm 7/09/14 6:30pm

Exclusive Amazing Spider-Man 2 Concept Art Shows Green Goblin's Genesis

Amazing Spider-Man 2 packed some really intense visuals, and tons of weird science over at OsCorp. Now check out some concept art that shows the designs for the Green Goblin and OsCorp's facilities, courtesy of artist Emmanuel Shiu — exclusively at io9! » 5/05/14 2:40pm 5/05/14 2:40pm

The best way to stop a hive mind from killing you

The great ships were hive minds, concatenations of thousands of smaller ships that swarmed together so closely you couldn't tell where one ended and another began. They were supposed to be unstoppable, but they had one vulnerability: internal dissent. If you could talk a few ships into separating from the whole, you… » 11/06/13 5:54pm 11/06/13 5:54pm

The Secret of Creating Mindblowing Concept Art of Alien Worlds

Chances are, you've already marveled at Emmanuel Shiu's stunning concept art before. We've featured his stunning movie and game art before — he's worked on everything from Star Trek to Lost Planet 3. Above is a brand new piece of concept art, which he's premiering at io9. And below is Shiu's explanation of how to… » 9/16/13 4:00pm 9/16/13 4:00pm

The mech stood alone among the floating pillars

The mech had been programmed to catalogue new life forms, but it wasn't prepared for this. There was no way to tell where fiery rock ended and hive intelligence began. » 8/31/13 5:00pm 8/31/13 5:00pm

More Lovely Concept Art of Our Future Space Armadas

Yesterday we brought you some stunning spaceship concept art from the space movie After Earth, by artist Colie Wertz. Now here's another batch, covering the spaceships and cities in the film, from artist Emmanuel Shiu. Exclusively at io9! » 6/05/13 4:00pm 6/05/13 4:00pm