Concept Art Of The Most Amazing Image From Last Night's Game Of Thrones

Last night’s Game of Thrones had some pretty insane set pieces, and a whole lot of tragedy. But one image in particular stands out in its fierce beauty — and it’s another thing entirely to witness it in its full painterly splendor. Check out concept art of the season finale from awesome artist Emmanuel Shiu. »6/15/15 7:03pm6/15/15 7:03pm


The Secret of Creating Mindblowing Concept Art of Alien Worlds

Chances are, you've already marveled at Emmanuel Shiu's stunning concept art before. We've featured his stunning movie and game art before — he's worked on everything from Star Trek to Lost Planet 3. Above is a brand new piece of concept art, which he's premiering at io9. And below is Shiu's explanation of how to… »9/16/13 7:00pm9/16/13 7:00pm