Here's Your 2014 Emmy Award Winners

It's Emmys time, on a Monday night in August. Why? Because NBC makes too much money airing football on Sundays in the fall to accommodate your needs. No matter! We're here, updating throughout the night with the ceremony's winners. Join us in the comments to air your grievances, cheer on your favorites, and make… »8/25/14 11:58pm8/25/14 11:58pm

Peter Dinklage wins an Emmy for his portrayal of everyone's favorite drunken philandering Lannister

At last night's Emmy Awards, Game of Thrones breakout star Peter Dinklage scored a well deserved Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his depiction of Tyrion "The Imp" Lannister, the besotted lothario whose wrist is as sharp as his tongue. Let's celebrate his win with Tyrion's greatest quips. [EW] »9/19/11 8:50am9/19/11 8:50am

Has SciFi Finally Worked Its Way To Hollywood's Big Kids Table?

Dark Knight's Oscar buzz has been circling since the first "Why So Serious?" ad. And now that some science fiction television series garnered a handful of Emmy nominations yesterday, people are wondering if this could be the year the red-headed stepchild of the entertainment industry gets a well deserved pat on the… »7/18/08 8:20am7/18/08 8:20am