The Future of Emperor Penguins Is in Doubt

A new analysis shows that global warming will reduce Antarctica's emperor penguin population by nearly 20% over the next 80 years as the sea ice on which they breed becomes less secure. » 6/30/14 3:20pm 6/30/14 3:20pm

Here's how massive packs of penguins move as a single unit

Penguins have evolved a really neat way of staying warm. To conserve energy, they form densely packed huddles with a triangular lattice structure. What's amazing is that these packs — which can include thousands of individuals — actually move. A recent physics study shows how it's done. » 12/17/13 12:40pm 12/17/13 12:40pm

Batman Returns concept art reveals unused penguins armed with buzzsaws…

In Tim Burton's Batman Returns, the Penguin outfitted his feathered minions with rocket packs so they might bomb Gotham City. But in Tim Flattery's concept art for the film, the penguins were multi-talents, wearing not just rocket packs but also buzzsaws, grenades, and extending boxing gloves. » 2/24/13 7:30am 2/24/13 7:30am

Colony of 9,000 penguins discovered in Antarctica

Until last month, this group of 9,000 Emperor penguins had never seen a human being before. And no human knew about their existence either — until a satellite picked up images of their poop from space. That's right. These penguins are so populous that their waste is visible from orbit. Though they were discovered in… » 1/10/13 10:29am 1/10/13 10:29am

The Most Accurate Count of Emperor Penguin Populations. From Space!

Good news for penguin-enthusiasts everywhere (that's all of us, right? Good... just checking): scientists studying emperor penguin populations in Antarctica have tallied almost 600,000 of the birds waddling around the icy continent. That's around twice as many as they were expecting to find — but what's really… » 4/13/12 4:12pm 4/13/12 4:12pm