It Looks Like Monkeys Can Learn from Instructional Videos

That marmosets can learn from other marmosets isn't all that surprising. Slightly more impressive is that they can learn from unfamiliar marmosets, who they haven't met before. But what's really amazing is they can learn from instructional videos. » 9/03/14 9:30am 9/03/14 9:30am

Live Coverage of the End of the World

Today is the first day of the end of the world, according to the predictions of unquestionably sane biblical mathematician Harold Camping—and we're bringing you to the Whore of Babylon herself, New York City, live via web stream. Watch as Christian souls are raptured to the sky! Listen as the angels sound the seven… » 5/21/11 8:50am 5/21/11 8:50am

Hundreds of dead black birds rain down from the sky in Louisiana

More Dixie-fried omens! After last weekend's massive fish and bird die-offs in Arkansas, 500 dead black birds plummeted from the heavens yesterday along Louisiana's Highway 1 near Pointe Coupee. If you need me, I'll be in my bunker. [Buzzfeed] » 1/04/11 10:20am 1/04/11 10:20am