We Can Rebuild the Northern White Rhino—We Have the Technology

There’s endangered, and then there’s critically endangered, and then there’s the northern white rhino. There are just four—four!—northern white rhinos left on earth. The population has been cut nearly in half—from seven to four—in just the last 12 months. Even using the word “endangered” to describe their predicament… »11/13/15 10:45am11/13/15 10:45am

"Virgin Births" Won't Save The Smalltooth Sawfish From Extinction

The critically endangered smalltooth sawfish was recently found to be capable of asexual reproduction. It’s an exciting discovery for many reasons, but breathless claims by the media that sawfish could save their species from extinction by resorting to virgin births are wrong, wrong, wrong. Let’s explore why. »6/18/15 6:40pm6/18/15 6:40pm

We'll Never Be Able To Collect Data This In-Depth On Lemurs Ever Again

Meet Hiddleston. The blue-eyed black lemur was born at the Duke Lemur Center in March 2013. Since then, Duke researchers and students have recorded every detail of his life in their logbooks. Now, the Lemur Center is setting that data free, along with data for 3599 other lemurs that have called North Carolina their… »7/28/14 3:16pm7/28/14 3:16pm

These baby red pandas are quite possibly the cutest things on the planet right now.

These baby red pandas are quite possibly the cutest things on the planet right now. They were born last week at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, which has recently experienced a kind of endangered species baby boom. The facility also welcomed a short-eared elephant shrew, a fishing cat, three loggerhead… »6/13/14 11:20am6/13/14 11:20am