Here's How Hormone Therapy Aids Gender Transition

People who are transitioning genders want to look like the sex they’re transitioning to. Hormone therapy can help with that, since the characteristics that help us distinguish men and women by sight—breasts, relative muscle mass, the shape of the face, and so forth—are created by the sex hormones our gonads start… »6/09/15 12:58pm6/09/15 12:58pm

Redheads experience pain differently than the rest of us

It's melanin Monday (not a real thing — but it should be), time to brush up on your knowledge of all things pigment-related! People with fair skin and rosy locks get their distinctive looks from mutations in the gene that codes for melanocortin 1 receptor, a protein that aids in the synthesis of the pigment melanin;… »3/05/12 10:00am3/05/12 10:00am

Gelada monkeys offer evidence that abortion is part of evolutionary fitness

The story begins with an insurrection, and ends with infanticide. A male gelada monkey, unsatisfied with his social standing, challenges the authority of a superior gelada. The payoff: a so-called "reproductive unit," comprising a dozen females, that will mate with him and him alone. If the usurper is victorious, he… »2/23/12 3:00pm2/23/12 3:00pm

The Biologist Behind One of the Strangest Feuds in Scientific History

Atrazine is an herbicide marketed by agribusiness company Syngenta. It has been shown to "chemically castrate" frogs, turning males into females that are capable of rearing offspring; it is associated with birth defects, low birth weights, and menstrual problems in humans; and its use has been outright banned by the… »2/06/12 4:36pm2/06/12 4:36pm

Even in the real world, women on the pill may choose dependable men over sexy ones

Here's more evidence from the front lines of science that you can't have your cake and eat it, too. A recently published study out of Stirling University shows that women who are on the pill when they meet their partners are less likely to be satisfied with sexual aspects of their relationship, but more satisfied with… »10/13/11 1:35pm10/13/11 1:35pm