A 56-page document handwritten by Alan Turing will be auctioned off in April, with part of the proceeds (it's expected to fetch over $1 million) going to charity. The manuscript dates from 1942, Turing's Enigma Code-breaking days, and contains musings on mathematics and computer science. » 1/20/15 1:20pm 1/20/15 1:20pm

Did Polish cryptographers crack the Nazi Enigma code before Alan Turing?

Among the many things that computer science pioneer Alan Turing is remembered for was his tremendous contribution to the British war effort in which he is credited with cracking Nazi Germany's Enigma code — a breakthrough that historians widely agree helped to shorten the war in Europe. But now, the Polish government… » 10/09/12 7:30am 10/09/12 7:30am

Birthplace of Modern Computers Is "a National Disgrace"

During World War II, the best mathematical minds in Britain gathered at a place called Bletchley Park to decipher the secret codes used by the Axis. To aid the process, they developed the Colossus Mk 1 and Mk 2, some of the first machines recognizable as programmable computers. And now UK computer scientists are up in… » 7/25/08 8:00am 7/25/08 8:00am