This Might Be Our First Actual Look At Age Of Ultron's Vision

I can't think of another comic book movie character to have more "first looks" than the Vision. We've had blurred posters, concept art, promotional art, teasers in behind the scenes footage, and the briefest of looks in the trailers. But this might be the first time we've seen the full character, in the android-flesh. »4/08/15 6:20pm4/08/15 6:20pm

Is Robert Downey Jr. Really The Entertainer Of The Year?

Entertainment Weekly has named Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr. as their choice for the entertainer of 2008 »11/16/08 5:30pm11/16/08 5:30pm - and while we may have loved Jon Favreau's metal Marvel hero movie, we're unconvinced that Downey Jr.'s necessarily the right man for the title. What about Heath Ledger, the unintentionally-entertaining Michael Bay…

Star Trek Only Boldly Goes For 2 Hours, Thank The Great Bird Of The Galaxy

J.J. Abrams is leading the charge to save us from the over-extended 3 hour movies of late. His Star Trek »10/15/08 5:09pm10/15/08 5:09pm film will only be two action-packed hours. Abrams told MTV that, “I’m sick of these two hours and forty-five minute movies. Seriously, it’s like I don’t have enough time to stay two hours and forty-five minutes.…

The Trouble with Entertainment Weekly's List of "Best SF Since 1983"

How much truly great science fiction has been created in the last 25 years? Entertainment Weekly think that they know, and have compiled a list of "The Genre's Best Since 1983" to prove it, ranking the top 25 SF movies and TV shows (because, really: books, comics or games? Not entertaining enough, apparently) and… »8/21/08 9:30am8/21/08 9:30am