A Satellite View of Tennessee's Kingston Fossil Plant, Before and After the Toxic Spill

As you've probably heard, a containment area for toxic fly ash (a byproduct of fossil fuel production) burst open last month in Tennessee, U.S. As a result, 1.3 million cubic meters of ash slurry oozed over the countryside, covering homes and getting into local rivers. NASA's Landsat 5 satellite captured these images… »1/02/09 8:30pm1/02/09 8:30pm

Photon Farming in the Vast Solar Fields of Northern China

This is an aerial view of China's future — vast solar farms that developers hope will fuel the industrial nation, as well as cut down on its choking smog problem. This solar photovoltaic power station, the largest of its type in northwest China, is currently under construction in Xining of Qinghai Province. Instead… »11/03/08 2:02pm11/03/08 2:02pm

Dried Mushrooms Could Stop Global Warming, Say Scientists

The fungi destroyed by global warming might just be the key to preventing the planet from becoming a giant ball of greenhouse gasses. A group of researchers at UC Irvine in California have discovered that rising temperatures are killing mushrooms in the forests of Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia and other northern areas.… »11/03/08 11:20am11/03/08 11:20am

This Summer the Northwest Passage Opens, When the North Pole Melts

The ice-clogged, impassible North Pole of yesterday is about to melt away this summer, and may be one of the first examples of economic benefit coming from global warming. When the Pole shrinks away, it creates a wide path through the so-called Northwest Passage, a treacherous and icy route between the Pacific and… »6/27/08 10:00am6/27/08 10:00am

Giant Tree-Powered Machine Supplies Energy, Air to Madrid

This industrial environmentalist building/machine in Madrid is packed with solar cells and trees, and will apparently generate enough energy to sell to local electric companies. Called an "Air Tree," and created by Urban Ecosystems, the mega-device is supposed to have a significantly beneficial impact on the climate.… »1/24/08 6:30pm1/24/08 6:30pm